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I volunteer my time at the “Acceptional Riders” program for adults and children at TJ Stables which is where it all began. After attending the program for over 7 years I received the provincial award for volunteering. My confidence around and on horseback grew out of these beginnings. I truely got horse fever, after taking up the reins I was hooked and getting riding lessons followed.

It seemed only natural to me to also help out and become a member of the Canadian Cowgirls. You must be versatile on this team, making sure that equipment and costumes are up to the high standards. I like to show up with my bag full of safety pins, tape, autograph cards and whatever else I can jam in there to be ready for that last minute emergency before the performance goes on. I have a member of this team and Cowgirl family long enough that the nickname “Silver Fox” can be heard around me.

How many years have I watched the “Rosebowl Parade” on T.V. and now I finally get to go. What a dream come true! Life is good for Barb LaLonde! See you at the Rosebowl Parade!


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