Beth Lucan

beth & her horseJesse is a unique horse that found me instead of me finding him. When I saw him the first time the look in his eye told me that he would be mine and it wasn’t long before he was. He is a beautiful paint and is my dance partner when I’m in the saddle. He takes me back to that horse crazy girl of my youth.

One Christmas Eve, I was invited to become a Canadian Cowgirl. On the outside I tried to be cool calm and collected but on the inside I was bursting with pride at the possibility of being part of such a professional group of riders. This made me realize that all dreams are possible. This was one of the best Christmas gifts ever and it keeps on giving!

I take my responsibilities of being a Canadian Cowgirl very seriously. Every Cowgirl brings their own talents to the team. With my background as a hair stylist, seamstress and mother of a precision skater, I come with the knowledge that presentation is everything especially when representing our country.

The Canadian Cowgirls bring their talents to every show and become the show’s ambassador and we all work diligently to make the show is a success for organizers. We often are right there at the ticket office helping to make it a Sold out show!

All the fuss of getting ready for a performance no matter how big or small, hair, outfits, makeup, horses and tack polished, everything must be perfect. When the team mounts up and enters the ring, the music starts, the Canadian Cowgirls ride their hearts out. My heart swells with pride. The audience becomes star struck I am the luckiest girl in the world, living my dream, working with horses and sharing amazing experiences with my Cowgirl sisters.


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