Cathy McKeever

Hi, my name is Cathy McKeever and my horse is Big Shot.

My horse, Big Shot, came into my life before I had my last chemo treatment for breast cancer in 2004. I was not in the market to purchase a horse, after all, I was told by my radiation doctor, to get all my affairs in order. During that time I went to T.J. Stables and fell in love with a big American Paint Horse, who had been working at Woodbine Race Track as a pony horse. His big blue eye seemed to look inside my soul and tell me everything is going to be okay. When Terry and Laura, asked me if I wanted to “go for a ride”, I said yes. This was a small goal I could achieve, and scratch off my bucket list. I knew it could be the last time to ride a horse. We wrapped my pick-line and I pulled a helmet on my hairless head. I put my foot in the stirrup and I was up in the saddle for the first time in decades. Suddenly, for the first time, it felt like the cancer had shrunk, and it didn´t feel as big as it was the day before. Big Shot and I began our healing journey together.

In 2011, Big Shot and I joined the Canadian Cowgirl team. Terry taught me so much. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her great advice. As business owner back then, I travelled across Eastern Canada with the Cowgirls to attend CAN AM, on 2 separate occasions, attending many equestrian events, setting up booths and selling saddle pads and cowboy boots.

In Jan, 2015 I moved to Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, in the desert. You can´t escape the 50 Celsius temperatures from May to October. I have been enjoying my experience here at Martinrea and Ford, teaching Tool & Die. It has allowed me to use some of the skills from the trades, for example, the focus on details, critiquing my time with my horse, always trying to improve. Big Shot is always on my mind, after my children and grandchildren of course. He has brought me to where I am today, I couldn´t have done it without him. He is happy where he lives, with other Cowgirl horses, still going to T.J. Stables, helping my sister Jackie on her healing journey while I continue my journey in Sonora, Mexico. I would like to thank Jackie Bray for taking care of my horse while I am away from home.

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