Cindy Jenkins-Smith

Cindy Jenkins Smith – Costume Co-ordinator


You don’t have to be an expert horse person to be a valuable part of the Canadian Cowgirls and I’m living proof of that.

When you look out in the arena, and see the Canadian Cowgirls in their glittering, patriotic costumes you see the result of hours in my sewing room applying sequins and rhinestones.

My  older sister Terry,  (Cowgirls team founder)  and I grew up around horses, and as children  she had a passion for horses.  I, on the other hand preferred creating and sewing clothing for my Barbie dolls out of anything I could find, the shinier the better!

When the Cowgirls started riding together, my husband Glenn and I were living in Florida where we owned a dry cleaning business and  I did all the alterations to fine clothing. When I wasn’t behind my sewing machine I was on a ladder behind an artists paint brush creating fun wall murals in children’s bedrooms and  elegant custom artwork in businesses and dining rooms. Often the Canadian Cowgirls would have a project that required a seamstress and I would be on the next plane to Canada to help out wherever I could.

With the arrival of grandchildren it was time to say goodbye to the sunny south  and come home.  I now do custom sewing and alterations in my home in Chatham Ontario, doing everything from wedding dresses to hems and zippers. Of coarse the Canadian Cowgirls section in my sewing room has the most red, white and Bling!

As costume co-ordinator, I take great pride in turning girls out in their finest. When I see them in the arena or on Television, representing Canada, wearing the costumes I made with love, I feel as if I’m right there with them.

I believe that positive thoughts create wonderful things. I have seen with my involvement with the Canadian Cowgirls dreams do come true.

Cindy Jenkins-Smith

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