Delphine Cannon

My name is Delphine and I’m 18 years old. My horse is named Tivio.

He is 13 years old, he is a registered paint , and I have had him for 1 year now. I have been riding for 10 years. It all began when I decided I wanted to ride horses like my mom and nanna . I started by riding both English and Western; favouring English riding more. For 2 years I rode at that barn, until the barn closed. My love for riding made it necessary to keep on doing it. The only farm who did lessons that was near where I lived was TJ Stables. At the time they didn’t teach English lessons . So I moved on to just riding in western lessons for 3 years then moving on to junior drill for 4 years. Many private lessons helped as well, leading me here to being a Canadian cowgirl.

I have only joined the cowgirls team in September 2016. I am thrilled to be a cowgirl. At the beginning of this, I assumed I would do the same thing that my mom and nanna did; which was English riding . If my old barn didn’t close down I would have never gone to TJ Stables and would have never known about the cowgirls . I’m so glad it all happened like this; so I can say I’m a part of this wonderful team . I have only done one thing as Canadian Cowgirl with my own horse.   It was the Kingsville parade. This was not my first event that I have done with the Canadian Cowgirls; but this was my horse’s first event with the Canadian Cowgirls. I was most proud of my horse – there was not one thing that he did wrong.

I am currently working at TJ Stables. I do a number of different jobs but I’m proud to say my favourite one is working with the special needs adults and kids at Acceptional Riders. I love doing this so much because my little brother has downe’s syndrome . When I’m not riding my horse I’m with my friend.

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