Emma Benoit

IMG_1657My name is Emma and I’m 16 years old. I own a chestnut 10 year old Belgian Arabian cross gelding named Odie. I have been riding for 7 years, starting by doing a summer camp when I was 9 and loving  it. Followed by many years of riding lessons which I still take today. I had always wanted a horse ever since I was little, and when I was 12 years old, my parents and my grandpa bought me Odie, I couldn’t believe it!  I worked really hard on him training him to be a drill horse.


I haven’t been a cowgirl for a long time, joining the team in September of 2015. Its an honour to be on such an amazing team, and to represent Canada this way. I never imagined I’d ever be on the team. Being  able to share this experience and travel  with my horse is absolutely amazing. The first time I ever performed was in September at the International Plowing Match in Finch, Ontario, I was so nervous, but loved every second of it. The feeling of performing in front of a crowd and having my parents there to support me through the whole thing was an incredible experience.  Hearing the crowd clap and cheer for you makes you feel  happy and makes you feel like you  can do anything.
I grew up in Wallaceburg Ontario, attending the French Catholic schools  in Grand Point and Pain Court. I am proud to be bilingual.  I was always that shy girl who didn’t like to talk in front of people or have a lot of attention focused on me, but getting Odie really helped me to not care what people think of me, and to be confident and believe in myself.  Odie was green broke when I got him, and as we grew, learning together, we became a team and he became my best friend. I also have started riding  English with Odie. He loves to jump almost as much as he loves to do drill.

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