Esther Bordenuk – President

My horse’s name is Montana. He is a Registered American Quarter Horse Palomino Gelding. Born in 2006. From the

Esther's picture first time we saw each other, there was that connection between us. He was all that I had imagined in a horse for myself –beautiful, majestic, funny and sometimes silly!

Until 2010, when my husband and I purchased our first ever horses, I had no riding experience. Having come from a career of training athletes/figure skaters, I knew that training any athlete was a lot of hard work. And so I worked hard, very hard to teach both Montana, the foundation that is required to have a respectful horse and myself. There is a slogan I like to use “DREAM BIG but WORK HARDER.” That hard work has paid off. I have a respectful horse that performs the skills that I ask him to do to the best of his ability.

In March 2010 my husband and I attended CANAM in London, Ontario as spectators, with the desire to learn more and more about our new passion- horses. We went into the arena for the show that featured “The Canadian Cowgirls”. I was so moved when they entered the arena with Canadian flags flying that I became emotional. At that time I could only dream of being one of those amazing Canadian women out there with their even more amazing horses.

During my 27-year career as a professional figure skating instructor, I spent 10 years training Precision/ Synchro Teams. As I started dreaming of some day being a “Canadian Cowgirl”, I could only imagine how awesome it would be to do the same thing on horseback. That dream started growing through support from my family. My Mom acquired a postcard/photo of the Cowgirls in full dress and after that about once a week, she would ask me if I had considered trying out for this fantastic team. My husband echoed her thoughts and soon after I signed up for Drill Camp 2012 at TJ Stables.

The experience was as wonderful as I had imagined. Joy and Marcy were very professional and terrific teachers! Terry Jenkins was amazing and gave me the inspiration to keep training hard.

In August 2012 my dreams came true, I was invited to join the “Canadian Cowgirls”. I am honoured to be a part of this respected organization. I am proud to represent Canada and like all the “Cowgirls” I am so proud to be Canadian.

No matter your age, never stop learning. “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”

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