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Horse’s Name and Breed: Frankie is a registered paint gelding. His registered name is kk Red Sony Magic. jackie & pine


Tell us something about your horse: When I first bought Pine, he had a lot of work to be done. He wouldn’t even let me catch him in the field. But look at him today! He is a Canadian Cowgirls Drill horse that goes everywhere!


How Many Years Riding: I was raised on a dairy farm near Ottawa and my sisters and I always had farm horses that we rode. When I joined the work force I sold my horse, but always rode when I went back to the farm to visit and in the summer of 2007 I decided that riding two or three times a year was not enough so I bought my first horse Pine who I used with the Cowgirls for four years. This year I have retired Pine from the Cowgirls and am using my new horse Frankie.


Achievements with Horses That You Are Proud of: I am very proud of making the Canadian Cowgirls Drill team because I did not receive any lessons as a young girl. When I first got Pine he would fight the bit, fidget and spook from everything, he needed a lot of work. This all changed when I was invited by Rick Wheat to learn about Noavel Headstalls. I attended the clinic and was amazed at the immediate difference the Noavel made in Pine. Even when I started working with Frankie when I first bought him I used the Noval as a training tool as he was rearing up.


Best Advice: If you have a dream, follow it! Even if it takes time to achieve. Always believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Someone Who Has Helped/Support You to Get Where You Are: My husband is my support. He always encourages me with my horse because he sees my smiles when I come back from riding at the stables, especially when I first bought Pine. Also, my teammates have helped me progress in my riding skills. The girls on the team are great mentors because there is always something to learn.


To All Those Aspiring Cowgirls Out There: Follow your dream. If I can do it at my age, anyone can do it. Don’t be afraid of getting help. I am so proud to be Canadian and we get to see so many places. I am doing things I never would have dreamed of doing on my own.


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