Katie VanGorkum

Hello Everyone! My name is Kaitlyn Van Gorkum, but everyone calls me Katie.

Being a Canadian Cowgirl was a dream of mine since I was six years old, and it definitely exceeded my expectations! My aunt was one of the founding members, and I loved to watched them perform. From a young age I was determined to be a Canadian Cowgirl myself, and with hard work and dedication, I was asked to join in 2013.

Since then, I have had so many crazy adventures with my best friends who I am happy to also call my team mates. The opportunities I have had are absolutely amazing! It is so awesome to carry the maple leaf high, and to represent Canada. As a Canadian Cowgirl, I am more outgoing and confident. I learned how to trick ride with my wonderful team, which is absolutely incredible. The adrenaline and confidence I feel while I am in a good trick is indescribable. The whole experience has taught me to never stop learning. There are always so many things to improve and areas which I can grow.           

I have the privilege of having three horses who all have the same passion for drilling as I do. My close friend Tania rides my beautiful mare, Cheeky. My appaloosa, Ty, is my first love so to speak. He was my aunt’s horse before me, and has been doing this longer than I have! I learned to handle his spunk and trick ride on him. I can always count on him to take care of me. When I was nervous, his usual hyperness, seemed to not exist. It is almost like I could feel him saying, “Don’t worry Katie, I got you.” However, Ty is getting older and I don’t want to hurt my best friend. So in order to keep trick riding, I use my brother’s horse Magnum as well. He is a very kind horse, who has taken all the new things drill entails so well. Even though he and I have only rode together for a short while, I trust him completely because I know he just wants to make me happy.

My success as a Canadian cowgirl could not have happened without my family, who encouraged me to chase my dream. I would like to thank my mom especially who has sat through so many lessons, and practices , and pushes me to give it my all. I would also like to thank Terry Jenkins for being my coach and mentor.


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