Kylee Nevill

My name is Kylee Nevills and my horse’s name is Apache.img_0822

Apache is a Paint gelding and he just turned 5 in June of 2016. I live on a farm in Dresden, Ontario with my family.
I’ve been riding since I was 7. I started out on a large pony named Duchess. I wasn’t taking lessons at the time and to make a long story short I fell off when she took off running across the field. I was terrified, but I started taking lessons at TJ Stables when I was 8 and I slowly regained my confidence. In lessons I started riding a mare named Ruby. I LOVED Ruby and we eventually asked Terry if we could trade Duchess for Ruby and she said yes. Ruby and I rode on the Junior Drill team at TJ Stables for a couple of years until Ruby became lame with arthritis. Ruby still lives with us and is enjoying her retirement on our farm. In 2015, we purchased Apache. I remember the first time Apache went to TJ Stables for a summer camp, I stood on the ground trying to emergency stop him for what felt like forever just trying to get on him! Then when I got on him he broke his tie down and didn’t walk once the entire lesson. A couple of weeks later we found out he had a hidden talent..bucking!
Apache has improved so much since then. Apache and I go every week to TJ Stables for Junior Drill and we also enjoy going to the local saddle club shows and competing in gaming.
My first show with the Canadian Cowgirls was at the Knights of Valor show at TJ Stables when I was 13. I was so excited and nervous to ride with them! Shortly after Terry asked me to join them at the Polo for Heart event in June of 2016 and I said yes! While at the show Terry asked me to join the team and I was estatic! I said yes and it made me feel like all the hard work Apache and I have done was worth it and that my dream of becoming a Canadian Cowgirl was coming true.
I am so glad that I get to be apart of this team with an amazing group of ladies that share the same passion for horses as I do. I can’t wait for all the adventures that are in store for Apache and me with this wonderful group of ladies representing Canada and carrying our flags with Pride!

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