Melissa Spence

I am very thankful to Esther and John for allowing me to ride Jessie, a quarter horse 11204392_1149261308441158_2670316657660751169_ngelding.

As far as I know my very first word was horse! And so became my life long dreams that my family helped me lived from the very early stages, starting with pony rides and summer camps.
At the age of 10 I was persistent enough to get a job at a local trail riding company, this happened after months of being there everyday asking to help out. They let me work there and even got me into the local pony club and gave me my first taste of training horses. When I was 13 I had moved showing in barrel racing.

I worked part time at local eventing and show jumping barn all through school, and when I was 18 I finally purchased my first horse, Apache he is a chestnut paint with one blue eye, he became my barrel partner and best friend. When I was 20 I had to sell him as I was moving out west, where I worked at a dressage barn as a stable hand and exercise rider. A few years later I got my first taste of the race track, I went to pick up an injured horse to let recover and re-train for a new career. Showing up there was like every movie you have seen, early morning foggy track, sun just starting to rise, horses breezing by with smoke coming out of their noses and steam raising from their bodies… I was hooked and needed to know how to be there. I became a groom at Northlands, then moved on to Ocala Florida to groom and be a pony rider. When I moved back to Ontario I worked at Fort Erie race track as a groom, exercise rider and a pony rider.

Fast track to 2015 and I now own my first horse Apache once again, Hershey my 11 year old half Arabian and a 13 Year old chestnut OTTB ( who is now sold to a show home). In March I attended the all equine show in London, where I met two women that would change my life, Terry Jenkins and Esther Bordenuk, Both of them wearing their blinged out Canadian Cowgirls jackets. I tapped them on the shoulder and asked how to become part of the Canadian Cowgirls team, Terry informed me to come to drill camp in August. I went on to spend the rest of the day with Terry and Esther and already felt very welcome and like I had made 2 new friends.

In July I purchased a new 7 year grey 16.2 hh QH gelding named EPR Ironman aka Scooter, hopefully to be my new drill horse. In August I attended Drill camp at TJ stables, it was everything they promised and more. That week I was invited to ride with the Canadian Cowgirls in September at the International Plowing match, I was beyond excited. My first show was a week sooner at the western fair, it has been a wild ride from that point on. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be part of this amazing team and to be riding with there amazing women.
Never stop believing in yourself, you can make all your dreams come true!!!

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