Natasha Bechard

Horse’s name and Breed: I am privileged enough to be on a team with some great girls who let me ride their horses until I can get my
natasha & Ranger own!

What Does Being a Canadian Cowgirl Mean To You: Being a Canadian Cowgirl means a lot to me because we get to represent our country in the best way possible! We get to show our pride for our country and share it with everyone out there and make all our fans proud to be Canadian!

Describe how you felt the 1st time you did a live performance with the Cowgirls: I was so nervous! I was breathing so heavy and was getting worried that I would forget the drill. In the end everything worked out and by the end of the week I wasn’t nervous at all!

Most Memorable Experience While On The Team: One of the most memorable experiences I has was when we were in Earlton Ontario at the International Plowing Match. There was a problem up in the audio booth and there was no sound when we were about to play the National Anthem, so the audience started singing it for us! It was amazing!

A Tidbit about Yourself That No One on the Team Probably Knows: In high school I played the alto sax! I wasn’t that bad either!


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