Rebbie Keown

Howdy, I’m Rebecca Keown and my friends call me Rebbie,

I live in Sundridge Ontario and have been having the time of my life as part of The Canadian Cowgirls Precision drill team. I want to give you a gift of inspiration.

I come from a rodeo and ranch family, Mom Marilyn, Dad Barry and brother Matthew. Roping and riding is a daily activity around our place.

When I was 18, I had a life like every other 18 year old, I had a boyfriend, just graduated from Hair dressing school and was a trick rider in the rodeo. Life was good. That is until a moose stepped out on the highway and came thru windshield of the car.

I was left in a coma with an acquired brain injury, and when I woke up, I knew who Mom and Dad were, but I couldn’t say their names, the words just wouldn’t come to me. Finally, one day she spoke, and my first word was horse. I went thru months and months of physical Rehabilitation, speech therapy and cognative therapy for my greatest reward, climbing back on my horse Hal.

I have permanent paralysis of my right arm and leg, and wear a sling when I ride to help stabilize my arm. An elastic band on my boot keeps my foot in the stirrup. From the time I first saw The Canadian Cowgirls, my   greatest dream was to become a Canadian Cowgirl and perform in front of an audience. Terry Jenkins, Captain of the team took me under her wing and because of the teams experience with the Acceptional Riders Therapy program, they were able to adapt the show to include me. I love riding in the parades and spend the summers in Chatham so I won’t miss a single performance.

I don’t. want you to feel sorry for me. I want you to be inspired by my story and to know that there is no such word as can’t. Just get up and do whatever it is that you want to do and don’t let anything stop you! I’ve had a second chance in life and I want you be grateful for what you have been given.

I’m also in charge of the teams merchandise booth. I get to meet so many people and hear their stories of coming back and making the most of their lives too. And the fun part is, I get to twirl the kids trick ropes and sing.

I want to be a Canadian Cowgirl

I want to ride in the rodeo

I want to be a Canadian Cowgirl

And put on a Cowgirl show

I want to ride with my flag a flyin

And My Maple leaf held high

I want to be a Canadian Cowgirl

Sit back and watch me Ride!!

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