Sandy Chauvin

When my old faithful horse Cody started to show his age, I needed to find a new Drill horse, and luckySandy & Bentley
for me a former Canadian Cowgirl horse Bentley was just waiting for me to buy him!

He is a dandy grey quarter horse gelding with all the buttons and plenty of training to go with them. The
challenge I had was how to work all those buttons and not get in Bentley’s way. He knew the drill way
better than I did. And Oh could he stop!! In a short time we started to gel and now he not only takes to
a level I never expected to go, but he serves as a spare for other team mates who are find themselves
needing a horse for a performance if their horse is lame. Bentley is there to teach us all.

One of the treasures of being on the Canadian Cowgirls Drill Team is getting to share the experiences
and travel opportunities with my daughter Taylor. Not to many mothers I know get to have the kind
of relationship that I share with Taylor. We have a common denominator and that is the horses and the
Cowgirls team. We spend weekends together and she helps me do the prep work for the shows and I do
the trailering and get us to practices. As mother/ daughter relationships go, I know the memories we are
making in this stage of life will last a lifetime.

“Horses are a common denominator between the generations”


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