Sue Harden

Hi I am Sue Harden

Many hours (years) were spent at T.J. Stables while my daughter took riding lessons and attended camps.  Her dream was to be a Canadian Cowgirl.  On her sixteenth birthday I purchased Rooster for her.  Rooster is a 17 year old Quarter horse that my daughter loves and  who has enabled her to become a Canadian Cowgirl. 


My daughter Nicole is a member of the Canadian Cowgirl Drill Team and a Trick Rider with the team.  My son Josh is a Corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces, stationed in Gagetown, New Brunswick.  Both wear the red and white Canadian Flag with Pride.  It seemed very fitting to me to also become a member of this Elite Team. 


After attending many performances and helping out when ever and where ever needed, I joined the Canadian Cowgirls in February 2013, as a member of the ground crew.  The places I have gone, from rodeos, parades, Canadian and U.S. performances spreading the Pride of Canada and the love of horses has been amazing.   There has been many laughs and new friends. 


The first time I saw the Canadian Cowgirls perform their tribute to the Troops was very emotional for me.  When my daughter carried the large Canadian flag during the tribute was the ‘icing on the cake‘.  I knew this team would be an important part of our family.  I do not ride, but there is a lot to be done while the riders tend to their horses.  Costumes, flags, souvenirs, set up and food preparation for hungry Cowgirls are only some of the Ground Crew duties.  When I hear my name or Mama Sue called, I am ready to help.  It could just be a simple task of handing over a roll of white tape but any task I can help with, helps the team.


I have seen the performances many times as a mom and now as ground crew and will never tire of watching it.  When the music begins, the horses start to paw and the crowd roars, I know I made the right choice to be a Canadian Cowgirl.  I am proud to be Canadian.  


Sue Harden – Proud Canadian Cowgirl and Army Mom

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