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terry & freedomI found the perfect horse when I first met Freedom. He took my breath away. This Palomino was unbroken and so full of himself and after training has become the most versatile horse I’ve ever rode. Freedom knows the drill better than most of the Cowgirls , he entertains people by smiling, bowing, counting and mind reading! He is a safe and brave mount for the Extreme Canadian Cowgirls trick riders. Back at the farm he serves as a trusty lessons horse and therapeutic horse for riders with special needs and gets decked out to pull our wedding carriage. I always get the sense that he’s as proud to be Canadian as I am!

The day I came home from the hospital, my dad Ernie Jenkins had a pony waiting for me in the living room. I was bitten by the horse bug and have had horse fever ever since. This passion for horses has led me to live my life with horses. In 1986 I began TJ Stables, a successful entry level riding facility in Chatham Kent Ontario. TJ stables was awarded Business of the Year and I have been recognized as “Woman of Excellence” thru the work I’ve done with horses thru the Therapeutic horseback riding program Acceptional Riders which I founded in 1992 and services over 150 individuals with specific needs.

The horse has become a tool to help me reach out to many, and I am surrounded by amazing people every day. I work with incredible people in my business as well as volunteers and rider in the Acceptional Riders program so never a day goes by without someone touching my life. I have so many blessings to share and the horses help me every day to do just that.

In 2002 I founded the Canadian Cowgirls Precision Drill Team. Since that time many many talented horses and women have been a part of this patriotic group. As captain of the Canadian Cowgirls I have the privilege of mentoring horse women and have taught them what it means to represent Canada. The travel and fellowship we share brings lots of laughter and in and out of the showring. I am convinced every time I climb on my horse that I was Born to Perform.


Best Advice

I think back to when I was small

Dad gave me a pony instead of a doll.

And it taught me something, when I got bucked down

Don’t lay there and whimper, get up off the ground.

He’d dust of my britches and catch up my horse

Put me back in the saddle and set me on course

Now I am grown and get down on my luck

I know now, Dad wasn’t talking about a horse that could buck

So I pick my self up when life puts me down

I think of my Dad…

and get up off the ground


My favourite saying: “Smile Ladies, your mother paid a lot of money for those teeth!”


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